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In 2009, Apave set up the first branch company in Guangzhou, China. With the aim to become a leading inspection, quality and technical consultancy company in worldwide, Apave commits to strive the best to identify and satisfy the customer's expectations on Apave's services, basing not only on the diversification and the continuous improvement of service quality but also on the independence, the special and vast expertise of Apave's local and foreign expert staff.

Find your contacts in China

Apave China

Address :
Room 422-423, Area 5E, Aoyuan City Plaza, Hanxing Road, Panyu District


Phone : (86) 20 38202081

Fax : (86) 20 38202082

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Our services

Industrial inspection: 

Third party inspection(TPI) In-process inspection 

  • Review and approve the ITP(Inspection and Test Plan), WPS and PQR 
  • Review and approve the relative manufacturing procedures 
  • Witness the mechanical and chemical test of the raw material 
  • Qualify the welders 
  • Supervision of the welding progress, including pre-welding, during welding and post-welding 
  • Dimension inspection 
  • Witness the relative load test, pressure test if necessary 
  • Shot-blasting and painting inspection 
  • Packing and shipping inspection

Final inspection 

  • Review the material certificates, test report, quality records prepared by the manufacturer, the relative procedures and technical specification 
  • Dimension inspection, visual inspection, coating inspection 
  • Packing inspection and shipping inspection

Design review 

  • On the basis of the standard and design requirements, calculation notes, provide the safety assessment 
  • Issue the final report after design review 

Non-Destructive Test (NDT) 

  • UT: Ultrasonic Test 
  • MT: Magnet Particle Test 
  • RT: Radiographic Test 
  • PT: Penetrant Test 

Electrical inspection:

Electrical safety risk assessment 

  •  Review related drawing and technical specification 
  • Inspect and test on site 
  • Issue safety risk assessment report 

Transformer, power supply cabinet and motor inspection 

  • Review the material certificates, test report, quality records prepared by the manufacturer, the relative drawings and technical specification 
  • Dimension inspection, visual inspection, coating inspection 
  • Supervision of the relative electrical test on site 
  • Packing and shipping inspection 

Building inspection: 

On-site Construction Supervision 
Witness Mechanical and electrical test 
Qualified certification 
Technical Assistance 


International welder qualification (WPQ, WPS) 
High / Low voltage Electrical safety training,

  • APAVE France issues the certificates of “BR”, or “BE Essai“ to trainee once passing the course and test, the certificate will be valid in France 
  • APAVE China issues the certificates to the trainee after passing the course, the certificate is valid in China 

Applying for Nuclear: 

OUR BUSINESS SCOPE: the control of technical, human and environment risks 
OUR MISSION: To help improving the safety of people and property, to protect the environment, to optimize the performance of the facilities and constructions. CONFIDENCE MISSION 

  • This is our imprint. This is the reality of our interventions, missions that engage each of our collaborators. With only one leitmotif: your satisfaction, your Safety
  • Quality-Health-Environment, objectives are achieved. 
  • Between you and us, it is a relationship of trust. 
  • Confidence in our know-how recognized technical capacity 
  • Confidence in our capacity to offer you a quality service 
  • Confidence in our pragmatism to improve the control of your risks, taking your operating constraints into account 
  • Confidence in our values: integrity and independence, competence and responsibilities, social and environmental responsibilities



Our 5 areas of business activities are complementary and enable you to combine safety and performance at every stage of your project. 

Picto inspection


We check the reliability of your facilities, equipment, structures, infrastructures and buildings to keep them compliant during commissioning as well as operation.

Test and Measurements Picto

Tests and measurements

We carry out tests of all types using simulators that reproduce actual stresses. We also take air, water and soil samples and measurements to monitor their quality and better manage your risks and impact on the environment.

Certification picto

Certification and Labelling

We certify your systems dedicated to management, skills, products or services.
We also develop certification labels in line with a strict reference framework.

Training picto


Our unique model using trainer-inspectors enables 350,000 people per year to take part in training courses that result in certifcation, a real credential for their professional futures.

Consulting picto

Consulting and technical support

We help you improve the safety and health of your teams by lowering the industrial accident rates and the risk of incidents.

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