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Apave Italy

Certification, inspection and control body, specialising in risk management, to accompany companies and communities in their future development. 

About Apave Italy

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About Apave Italia


Apave, a certification, inspection and control body, is present in Italy with three companies: Apave Italia CPM (CE marking, Certification, Test laboratories, Training, Regulatory inspections), Apave Certification Italia (Certification of company systems, Certification of products and services, Project verification), Tecno Piemonte (Technical control, Infrastructure verification, CE marking, Test laboratory).

Our activities


Apave Italia is a company entirely financed by its own resources. Its income comes from its activities as a Notified and Approved Body, Personnel Certification Body, Accredited Training Body, Laboratory and Eco-Environmental Service Provider.

Our locations


Our widespread presence in Italy is a guarantee of responsiveness.