Apave in Italy signs an agreement with the Enel Group to support the development of its suppliers.

We are thrilled to announce that Apave Italia and Enel have signed an agreement for Apave to participate in Enel's “Supplier Development Program”, a program designed to support the growth and sustainability of Enel's suppliers.

Apave contacts and the services offered under the Program can be found on the Enel Group Supplier Portal 

What the program offers?

The Supplier Development Program offers Enel suppliers various opportunities to make the supply chain more performing and innovative. Thanks to various agreements that Enel Group stipulates with companies outside the group (so-called Partners), products and services are made available at very advantageous prices and conditions compared to those on the market.


The agreement with Apave, as part of the "Supplier Development Program", thus guarantees Enel suppliers access to a variety of Apave services at highly advantageous conditions.


Apave operates in the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) market, offering offering a range of related services.: Very notable in this period are the certifications dedicated to social, environmental and innovation issues (for example PDR 125); the certification on Gender Equality -a key factor that allows the professional and social growth of companies; the Innovation Manager UNI 11814 certification, which guarantees the quality and skills of the staff; but also risk management services that aim to ensure the safety of people, goods and the environment. These TIC services are complemented by training services.

Who can benefit?

Thanks to the agreement signed between Enel and Apave, all Enel suppliers with headquarters or branches in Italy can take advantage of the services offered under the Program, including those offered by the Apave Group.


Interested suppliers can send an email to the following addresses specifying the CUI code - Unique Identification Code - which is attributed to companies at the time of registration on the WeBuy portal. If it is not possible to find the CUI, the company name or VAT number will be sufficient (we will then verify the CUI).



  • Rosa Anna Favorito
  • rosanna.favorito@apave.com
  • +39 3371524364 - +39 063 327 0123 int. 141 





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