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Thanks to its practical experience (in the field of audits, inspections, product marking, quality, testing, etc.) the training proposed by Apave Italia has a strong link with the daily activities of companies and workers in the search for sustainable solutions. A training offer capable of providing customised solutions through classroom, field and online training courses, tailored to the needs of the individual customer.

Whether it is training on the safety of people or equipment, or against specific risks, the importance of training cannot be underestimated. Safety is at the heart of all our training courses, along with the desire to develop new skills and enable people not only to comply with legal obligations, but also to be adept at supporting the development of the local market.


At Apave we pride ourselves on having a multitude of training offers, all tailored to your specific needs and designed in a way that best suits your requirements and constraints. Using a team of experienced inspector-trainers allows us to effectively transmit knowledge from those who are most present in the field. This method allows learners to receive direct knowledge from our staff who divide their time between training and working in the field, which means they are best able to transfer practical knowledge and provide a pragmatic approach to our customers.


Training is a vital aspect of safety. Ensuring that your teams are equipped with the necessary skills to carry out their activities in a way that ensures their safety and that of those around them is invaluable. Whether you need training on technical aspects, new areas of activity or specific risks, rest assured that our teams have a solution for your needs.


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Apave Italia CPM is an accredited training body in the Lombardia Region for the following domains:

  • - VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING SERVICES (Registration No 527 of 02/03/2009 - Section B)


  • - EMPLOYMENT SERVICES (Registration No. 160 of 07/07/2009)

Personal safety

man performing first aid on a dummy
man performing first aid on a dummy

Ensuring the safety of your teams through training adapted to occupational health and safety allows you to ensure not only the protection of your workers, but also a continuous level of production, productivity and employee morale:

  • General and specific training for workers in the field of safety at work
  • Prevention and protection service managers (RSPP)
  • Workers' safety representatives (RLS)
  • First aid officers
  • Firefighters


Machinery-related accidents can have disastrous consequences due to the fact that most equipment and machinery are susceptible to injury if used incorrectly. This makes machine safety training an important aspect to consider, ensuring that those responsible for operating such equipment are properly trained. The correct use of equipment guarantees not only a higher degree of safety, but also continuous operation with a reduction in "out-of-service" time :

  • Forklift operators
  • EWP
  • Cranes
  • Bridge cranes
  • Farm tractors

Specific risks

man in a scientific laboratory looking through a microscope
man in a scientific laboratory looking through a microscope

Health and safety risks are found almost everywhere in our daily lives. Whether we are faced with chemical or biological hazards, or more common risks such as work-related stress or food safety hazards, managing these risks is not only important, but can be done with the use of training:

  • Chemical and biological risks
  • Work-related stress
  • Workers in confined spaces
  • Use of category III PPE
  • Qualified persons (PEV) and trained persons (PAV)
  • HACCP 

Technical field

Working in technical fields, such as welding, soldering and other technicians, has gained a lot of attention in recent years due, in part, to a lack of workers. Training in these technical fields not only opens up a variety of career opportunities, but ensures that you strive in those careers in a safe manner :

  • Non-destructive inspectors
  • welding coordinators
  • oxy fuel operators
  • electric vehicle operators
  • RCC-M code training
  • proper securing of loads
  • welders
  • solderers
  • door and window fitters

Industrial field

visual inspection of SSIAP pressure equipment
visual inspection of SSIAP pressure equipment

The running of industrial facilities requires specific practical knowledge of various aspects that allow for their effective and safe operation. Training is necessary to ascertain that the different elements that make up these installations are in correct working order and are operated in a safe manner, in accordance with any regulations :

  • Thermal system operators
  • Steam boiler operators
  • Air conditioning sanitisation
  • Technicians specialising in the hygiene of aeraulic systems
  • F-Gas licence
  • UNI 11554 heating engineers
  • EN 13313 refrigeration engineer 

Environmental/renewable energy

The future of energy is green. In the current energy transition, more and more efforts are being focused on low-carbon as a means of respecting and preserving the environment. This shift towards a low-carbon future, brings with it numerous changes, such as the introduction and expansion of new mobilities and other environmentally-friendly innovations, all of which require a new set of skills :

  • Course on renewable energy sources
  • User/distributor of plant protection products
  • Environmental site management
  • Agricultural operator
  • Thermal insulation installer
  • Energy management expert (EGE)

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With 150 years of experience in risk management, the Apave Group has all the necessary expertise in this field to provide you with solutions tailored to your needs.


From infrastructure and construction engineering to transport, energy and highways, not forgetting industrial and manufacturing goods, we are there to support you in every sector.


From regulatory technical inspections to training and certification, Apave provides quality solutions for all your projects.