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Periodic Regulatory Audits

The statutory periodic inspections are aimed at ascertaining compliance with the installation methods laid down by the manufacturer in the instructions for use, the state of maintenance and conservation, the maintenance of the specific safety conditions, the efficiency of the safety and control devices.

These checks are carried out at specific intervals by qualified technicians from an approved body, such as Apave Italia CPM :


  • - Earthing
  • - Lifts
  • - Lifting and Pressure



Presidential Decree No. 462 of 22 October 2001 lays down the obligation for any employer to carry out periodic checks on the earthing system of his business to protect the safety of people. Presidential Decree No. 462/2001 also specifies that partners, apprentices, trainees, students and any other person working in the above activity are treated as employees.


A note from the Ministry for Business and Made in Italy (prot. 10723 of 25/02/2005) also clarified that condominiums are to all intents and purposes subject to these checks even if they do not have employees. This check is carried out every two or five years, depending on the environment, by an inspection body authorised by the Ministry of Production Activities. Therefore, for the purposes of Presidential Decree 462/01, the checks carried out by professionals or installation companies are not valid.


The The Earthing division of Apave in Italy carries out verifications on low, medium and high voltage systems; on systems protected against atmospheric discharges and Atex environments.


Picto pdfDecree of authorisation (italian version)

Picto pdfAccredia accreditation certificate (italian version)

Picto pdfGrounding division regulation (italian version)


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According to D.P.R. 162/99, lifts must be inspected every two years by a Notified Body in order to ascertain that the parts on which the operational safety of the installation depends are in efficient condition and that the safety devices are working properly. The owner of the installation or his legal representative must ensure that this frequency is respected.


If, following the periodic inspection, a negative report is issued, the plant must be shut down.


D.P.R. 162/99 establishes the obligation to carry out an extraordinary inspection in the event of a negative result of a previous periodic inspection, and also in the event of modifications to the plant that do not fall within the scope of ordinary or extraordinary maintenance (for example: replacement of the machinery, of the cylinder-piston group, of the control panel, of the cabin, of the landing doors, variation of the capacity and of the stroke or of the change in speed), or of an accident of considerable importance even if not followed by an accident.
Apave Italia Cpm Srl is a Notified Body for carrying out periodic inspections according to D.P.R. 162/99.


Picto pdfDecree of authorisation

Picto pdfAccredia accreditation certificate

Picto pdfRegulation for the conformity assessment of lifts

Pressure lifting

intervention of a worker under a bridge by means of a pressurised articulated arm
intervention of a worker under a bridge by means of a pressurised articulated arm

Apave Italia CPM SRL is authorised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies to carry out periodic inspections of work equipment, pursuant to Art. 71 paragraphs 11 and 12 and All.VII of Legislative Decree 81/2008 and Ministerial Decree of 11 April 2011 and subsequent amendments and additions.

Work equipment is divided into groups SC (lifting goods), SP (lifting persons) and GVR (gas, steam, heating) as detailed in All. II of Ministerial Decree 11 April 2011.


Picto pdfCompetence matrix (italian version)

SC GROUP - Non-hand-operated material hoisting appliances and centrifugal force washers

  1. Mobile material hoisting equipment with a lifting capacity exceeding 200 kg
  2. Transferable material hoisting equipment with a lifting capacity greater than 200 kg
  3. Stationary lifting equipment with a lifting capacity exceeding 200 kg
  4. Self-propelled telescopic boom trucks
  5. Hydro-extractors with centrifugal force


SP GROUP - Lifting of persons

  1. Aerial ladders with variable inclination
  2. Mobile bridges on motor-driven carriages
  3. Mobile bridges on hand-operated vertical carriages
  4. Suspended bridges and their winches
  5. Self-lifting work platforms on columns
  6. Construction site lifts and hoists


GVR GROUP - Gas, steam, heating



1. Pressure equipment:

- Containers containing fluids with pressure greater than 0,5 bar

- Water vapour generators

- Superheated water generators (to be treated as steam generators or heating systems according to art. 3 of D.M. 01.12.1975)

- Pipes containing gases, vapours and liquids

- Heat generators powered by solid, liquid or gaseous fuel for central heating systems using water under pressure with a water temperature not exceeding the boiling temperature at atmospheric pressure, having an overall capacity of the fireplaces exceeding 116 kW (central heating systems with heat generators must comply with the requirements of ISPESL Collection R)

- Furnaces for the chemical and allied industries



 2. Assemblies: assemblies of equipment by a manufacturer, EC certified as assemblies according to Legislative Decree 93 of 25.02.2000.


Verification is carried out with the frequency envisaged in Annex VII of Legislative Decree 81/2008 and is aimed at ascertaining the conformity of the installation methods envisaged by the manufacturer in the instructions for use, the state of maintenance and conservation, the maintenance of the safety conditions originally envisaged by the manufacturer, the specifications of the work equipment and the efficiency of the safety and control devices.


The tariffs are established by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and are automatically updated every two years on the basis of the ISTAT indices of consumer prices for families of workers and employees for the month preceding the update.

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