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Our upcoming courses

Find out about our upcoming training courses, session dates, programmes and locations, and registration forms.
Our training courses cover a wide range of topics, from professional training (Forklift Truck Operators, AWP) to specific personal safety training, including specific risks (Chemical and Biological Risks, Work-Related Stress, Confined Space Workers), Apave Italia is at your side to train your staff.


Picto pdfAuditor/lead auditor training calendar - online

Picto pdfSafety and equipment training calendar - Bienno  

Picto formazione Training sessions for companies Lombardy Region



  • Installer of thermal insulation systems
  • Installer of windows and doors
  • FGAS Training and Certification "Refrigeration Technician's Patent
  • Installing systems to the state of the art
  • Smart Technician - fibre optic installer
  • Smart installation technician - fibre optic installer
  • Maintenance technician for historic and contemporary buildings including gardens and open spaces
  • BIM Specialist



  • Oxyfuel operators
  • Non-destructive testing operators - VT method
  • Non-destructive testing operators - PT method
  • Non-destructive testing operators - MT method
  • Welder in the coated electrode (SMAW) or solid wire (GMAW) and flux cored wire (FCAW) or tungsten infusible electrode in inert shielding gas (GTAW - TIG) process on carbon or stainless steel plates/pipes
  • Welding coordinator



  • Excel course
  • Basic/Intermediate English course



  • Auditor of quality management systems
  • Environmental management systems auditor
  • Safety management systems auditor


Download the registration form and dates of the of the sessions (italian version) Picto pdf

Picto formazione Basic and refresher training for users and distributors of plant protection products


Duration and training modalities :

  • 20 hours (basic training) - 12 hours (renewal)
  • online and in-presence

Target group :

Plant protection product users 


Picto formazione Training for Technical Managers of companies carrying out installation and extraordinary maintenance of RES (Renewable Energy Sources) plants - Hydraulic and Electrical types

Duration and training modalities

  • 16 hours - 100% compulsory attendance
  • Online


Compulsory update, pursuant to paragraph 1, letter f of Annex 4 to Legislative Decree no. 28/2011

Addressees :

Technical Managers of companies carrying out installation and extraordinary maintenance of RES (Renewable Energy Sources) plants, appointed before 4 August 2013 or appointed after that date, but only if in possession of the technical-professional requirements under titles a) and b) and d) - DM 37/2008 - art. 4



Picto formazione Acoustics Technician Refresher Course - 30 September 2022 h. 14-18

Title of the webinar: "Insights on noise in the workplace".

Valid for the purposes of the mandatory professional update for Technicians Competent in Acoustics under Legislative Decree 42/17 and valid as RSPP update.

Download the registration form and session dates (italian version) Picto pdf